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A Writer’s Quarantine

Now Is The Time To Create And Seek Refuge Being an author isn’t a regular nine to five. I write to keep from saying things I shouldn’t. Writing inspires me to craft eloquent words, rather than wasting my time spewing out nasty ones. My relationship with jotting down my thoughts is like the process of refinement.… Continue reading A Writer’s Quarantine


21 Tips For Creative Writing

1.) Start the story with a hook 2.) Determine conflict and resolution before writing the plot 3.) Determine narrator/Point of View/Person (first person/I, third person/ he or she) 4.) Tense (Present, Past) 5.) Start scene late or close to action Photo by "My Life Through A Lens" on Unsplash 6.) Establish important characters and setting in less than… Continue reading 21 Tips For Creative Writing