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Welcome! I’m so happy you’re here! K.B. Krissy’s A Write Life is an original blog site used to illustrate an author’s life and inspire others to write. I created this space for aspiring authors. I’m super excited that you’ve come to visit, and I hope you’re able to truly enjoy learning more about the art of being a writer. A Write Life blog site is for the author, who spends countless hours typing on their laptop or the traditional diarist who finds comfort in penciling words into a notebook. This is a locale for stories that need to be documented and scribes addicted to constructing eloquent words into narratives. This is a website committed to those who have A Write Life.

A write life is sitting in your bedroom writing stories on your laptop.

Words mean everything!

Whether they’re held captive on a page or projected in the air, words are everything. Some people think you need to be an English or journalism major to be an excellent wordsmith. I built K.B. Krissy’s A Write Life to prove you don’t need a fancy degree, and you don’t need to be a grammar freak either. You have to let those thoughts flowing through your head drive you to jot them into visible words in front of you.

Passion & dedication go far!

I’m very interested in building a close working relationship with you so we can create together. We can write anything! Just as long as you define your goals and what you can contribute to your project.

Be inspired by the world!

I’m motivated to build a creative team with both authors, editors, agents, and publishers.

I hope to connect with you soon!


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