Against The Grain

Brenda McCoy is an open-minded nineteen-year-old, fresh fish out- of-water. She becomes influenced by the military culture that surrounds her in Hampton, Virginia and unthinkably signs an eight-year enlistment contract into the United States Army, as a freshman in college. Before Brenda can say military-basic-combat-training, she’s shipped off to Fort Jackson, South Carolina to complete it.

The minute Brenda steps foot off the bus, she begins to realize she may have been in over her head. Yet and still, Private McCoy stands tall every morning before sunrise with her company, ready to learn her warrior duties. From bayonet drills to unarmed combat, to being held captive, McCoy is only somewhat there for it. As time progresses, the company starts to notice that McCoy isn’t quite one of them. Does Brenda have what it takes to be a soldier or will she be bullied into an unfavorable discharge?

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