Do you have meaningful personal experiences that have made a personal impact on you as a person?? Have you ever had an experience that was full of love?? Do you have a great story to tell?? 

If you’d like to share your story, right here is the perfect place!

I am starting my very own romance series of short stories that express love, connections, and good old-fashion romance through casual everyday encounters . . .

Just think of how many people have stories to tell about the one true love they never married, or an unexpected moment that captured their heart. Or maybe someone even has a romantic story about the mailman who delivered them more than just their mail. Whatever your experience might be, it’s unique to your life, attitude and personality. If you’d like to share your romantic experience, just contact me here at https://kbkrissy.com/contact and I’ll be in touch with you to read and discuss publishing your story on this blog site.

But first . . .

Grab a refreshment, kick back and read a sample of my short story titled, Black Swans Drifting By. It’s a narrative about two people first meeting and genuinely loving each other on just another casual Sunday afternoon.

Black Swans Drifting By

By Krystal Bradley

There were many people roaming about on this fine Sunday afternoon. I began power walking along the concrete path of the lake as the music on my iPhone kept me motivated. I was just getting back into my routine exercise after getting over a long period of stress and turmoil. As I moved along the path I looked out at the fern colored lake glistening in the sunlight. I was newly single after a bad breakup, but lucky for me I had nothing holding me back from freedom. I felt unstoppable, like I could do anything. The sun in the cloudless sky was replenishing me and the shuffler on my iPhone was playing my song. My spirits were lifted and that’s just what I needed. I felt like I could conquer any obstacle that came my way.

I decided I would glide into shape rather than over work my body. The best thing I could do was pay careful attention to my breathing. I liked to walk the lake at least once a month. It was either that or the San Leandro Maria. I had good memories there too. Yet, the lake was the most beautiful place to me, especially now since it was under a new management project to insure the lake’s cleanliness.

I carried on down the path in my old green hoody and long black stretch pants. A group of joggers proceeded pass me one after the other. I wasn’t even a fourth of the way around the lake, but I’d get there soon enough.

Up ahead, I spotted a handsome longhaired man, within a group of two others, looking my way. I flashed him a satisfactory smile and refocused my attention on the wavering lake. I moved forward at a steady pace as my mind began to drift away from the present setting. I thought about all the nights I lay in bed and I couldn’t sleep. Then I thought about all the nights I’d spent in bed with my ex. I thought about all the love we made and I pictured us in a dreamy vision. Flashes of us swirled up in floating purple sheets painted my mind. Then I remembered that one horrible night. He pent me down to our bed and restrained me there until he finally fell asleep. I could feel the thought creating anxiety within me and I began to pace a little faster. It seemed as though the bed wasn’t a good place anymore. It was cold and full of stale memories that kept me from a good night sleep.

“Excuse me, miss!” the longhaired man called out to me, as he stood on the grassy incline near the path.

I stopped and pulled my earphones out of my ears to hear what he was saying to me. I figured he was greeting me, so I said, ‘hi’.

“How you doin?” he asked me.

“Good! How you?” I replied.

It wasn’t like me to be excited just because a guy was giving me some attention, but today I figured I shouldn’t be so uptight. I needed to try and meet new people . . .


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