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Today, I’d like to talk to you about the thoughts that have been going through your mind. You know, your inner most private thoughts. Don’t worry! You can keep your secrets. I just want to encourage you to think happy thoughts everyday. I often times hear the term ‘positive self-talk’ used to describe the process of streaming positive judgments of ourselves through our mind. I’d love to share with you some of my own personal lessons and useful tips I’ve learned along the way.


There was a time in my life when I did nothing, but go to college and party with my friends. It wasn’t anything that we consumed that gave us that free spirit everyday, that eagerness to spent each happy moment with each other. It might have been the fact that I had good friends or the period of time in my life where I had no real responsibilities or maybe I had a love for life and its endless possibilities. Whatever it might have been, I remember always feeling as light as a feather.pen-1674847__340.png

Sure enough, the party ended and I grew up. The feeling that I could live that way forever, unfortunately, ended too. Yet . . . I want it back. I do, I do. I want it back! The joy of the good old times. The happiness of it all! I want to feel it again! I want to feel like life is a party again. I want to feel it in my bones again, without drugs or alcohol, without a crutch.

I believe we have to install positive thoughts into our minds in order to become positive people. Not that superficial crap either, real positivity. The goodness of life. Some people would say that’s being strong. I can understand how they could say that, can you? It’s okay if you can’t. We all have different opinions. I used to think differently too. Yet, what I’ve learned is that being strong is the opposite of what I used to think it was. I used to think it meant never backing down from a fight. Sticking up for myself and getting the last word. However, as I grew older, I realized I was sadly mistaken. Strong is being the kind of person who doesn’t respond with negativity. The resilient one will persevere because they have learned or they’re learning how to deal with circumstances. They’re not judging other’s actions either. They’re taking the hand that was dealt to them and doing the best they can with it. I learned to preserve by living and dealing with my own problems better than I did as a foolish child.sea-3301753__340.jpg

Again, to be positive we have to think positive thoughts. Our thought process makes up our personality and attitude. Yet, I don’t think we were always taught how to have a good attitude, we were just supposed to have one. ‘Positive self-talk’ wasn’t emphasized enough. It’s the very basics of how to have a good attitude. Our self-talk determines how we embrace life.

It seems that people practice pretending everything is okay and under control when it’s not. We don’t always know how to take care of our mental health and there’s so much stigma around seeking or needing professional help. Yet, everyone could use a little help with depression, stress, anxiety, lonely, pain and hurt. Figuring out and interpreting the source of our negativity can be good too. Then we have a place to start and our problems are at least identified. Then we can take the necessary steps to fix our problems, so that our minds can be free.beach-1850218__340.jpg

Ever heard someone say, ‘don’t be so hard on yourself?’ They were talking about yourself-talk or self esteem, which can also be one in the same. Everyone has negative self-talk, even though they won’t admit it. We all have it and the smartest people have learned not to bask in it. I’d try to keep my mind positive, clean and free of harmful perceptions.
Have you ever considered the kind of molecular energy they’re releasing into the universe with their emotions or the emotions that you impel in others? Whatever fills our minds becomes our world, our reality. We breathe life into whatever we believe and whatever we send out is what we’ll receive back too. When we get rid of our negativity, then we can share our joy with people we love.


Ways to Clear Your Mind

Find a peaceful, happy, inspiring or meaningful noun (a person, place or thing/object/ideology) and stay close to it, stay inside it, engage with it and interact with or in it. I think this helps people get back to their purpose and realizing what is important to them instead of getting caught up in the stress, the hard work, unpleased or compromising dilemmas or situations.spirituality-2381114__340.jpg

Relax! Take a time out. Rest. Have a ritualistic moment of not worrying, not caring, not thinking about what everyone else seems to think is important or what is having too much power in your life beside you. Take a load off and realized that you deserve a break. Mediation, exercise or chanting into relaxation is necessary sometimes.

Engage in a good or humorous conversation with someone who has a good attitude (most of the time . . . they’re only human)yoga-2383964__340






Exercise your mind and body to change your spirit from bad to good. Read what’s interesting to you and engage in what’s harmlessly entertaining to you. Work out your
body on a schedule. Practice something that produces good health measures for the body and mind.

Play, laugh and joke. Play around with people without cruel intentions. Play a game with others and strategize winning. Believe you are capable of winning.

Plan ahead. Plan something fun, meaningful, or a good-natured activity to celebrate lifeimages-2.jpeg and all the good contributions that you’ve already accomplished, ones you take for granted everyday. Follow through with your plans and stay on it. Most importantly motivate people to join you in your decision to have a good time, no matter what. You have to be realistically happy and a little energetic or upbeat. Incorporate time to have fun in your life. Enjoy people you love and those you spend time working with in an environment. Plan on spending time with people and pushing for good vibes and positive energy. Look forward to these experiences, and don’t be discouraged if they don’t always happen, just keep pushing for fun times with people throughout your life. You have to be positive in order for them to want to be around you. Meeting new people can be starting new beginnings. Do and say good things to people to promote positivity. Hope for a positive experience and build your spirit enough to be able to endure a bad experience. Don’t reflect, instigate, or encourage the negative. Get away from all that. Leave it behind.


Keep it 100% with yourself!

Our positive self-talk should be honest and never an illusion of how we want things to be so we pretend that’s what it is. NO. We should also never have happiness at the expense of others. Positive self-talk is a personal strategy use to take care of our own mental health.panoramic-3186295__340.jpg

According to Psychology Today, it is important to strive for positive thought in negative or compromising circumstance in order to proceed forward. https://www.psychologytoday.com/us/blog/hope-relationships/201605/the-power-positive-self-talkblue-3443329__340.jpg

Health Benefits of Positive Self-Talk

Eustress (‘good stress’ that’s interpreted as being beneficial, productive or motivational)yoga-stand-in-hands-silhouette-2149407__340.jpg

Boast of Confidence & Self-Esteem

Personal Growth

Emotional Regulation


In order to think positive you must practice it every single day!

Try this . . . right now. Pick up a pen and jot this on a pad or make a strong mental note.

Write 10 affirmations

which are also truths . . .

1.) I love myself

2.) I’m worthy of being loved

3.) I’m able to circulate love (give it, receive it and keep it flowing)

4.) I’m an honest person

5.) I may be down, but I can pick myself up again

6.) I’m kind

7.) I’m capable of changing myself

8.) I’m capable of changing the world

9.) I have mind control and all else will follow

10.) I’m strong


You control your mind and your situation. Well . . . that’s all I have for now . . . until you read again, remember to love yourself and be good to yourself. Blog to you next time. This is Truly K. Bradley . . . signing out.




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