Beauty Still Left In The World

A Need To Be One With Nature In These Quarantine Time

As soon as I wake up, it’s been my routine to practice meditation on my balcony. First, I slip on my big hoodie, baggy pajama pants, and fluffy slippers. Then I step outside, forecasting the weather as I focus on the sky. Now I’m ready to start my morning meditation. Try it with me . . .

Imagine you’re on a tropical beach with the warm sand beneath your bare feet. Do you feel it? Imagine you’re lying there with a beach towel, an umbrella, and a book or sketch pad for your wandering mind. Wait . . . stop meditating!

We don’t have to imagine it. The outside world is there waiting for us! I know we’re all supposed to quarantine, but the idea of being held there makes me want to go out even more. I don’t mean to make others unsafe. I have to get out of the house.

I grabbed my partner in crime, and we hit the streets, looking for beautiful sceneries on a leisurely Sunday afternoon. My partner in crime is my boyfriend. His name is Zeh. Although he’s only been in America for a little over three years, he knows more about our neighboring cities than I do. Our first journey was off Highway 1.

Photo by eriK. on Unsplash

Newport Beach is my neighboring city, so I’m familiar. Newport Coast, on the other hand, I’d never been there or even heard of it. The houses in the community were spectacular! We traveled up steep hills and winding roads to look down at the beautiful settings of the California cities — only to find that most of the vistas were fenced off with an entry key only for the residence of the neighborhood.

To our surprise, we wandered upon a trail. How badly I wanted to take a long walk, smell the roses, and everything else that nature has to offer. I was bored sitting in the house all day. I was beginning to feel like there was a build-up of water inside of me, and I was a bent pipe.

Zeh began conversing with the nicely dressed gatekeeper. He tells us that the park isn’t open, but were allowed to walk along the trail. We thanked him for the great news and began strolling past the do not enter sign, warning children not to play in the park. After we walk around the park, we started rambling along the trail.

Photo by John Macdonald on Unsplash

Zeh began telling me that he’d designed a property somewhere near here, and that’s how he was able to remember this trail. I figured he’d been here before because he knew exactly where he was taking me. Zeh said the vistas were beautiful here . . . and sure enough, he was right.

Photo by Chor Tsang on Unsplash

“Our task must be to free ourselves by widening our circle of compassion to embrace all living creatures and the whole of nature and it’s beauty” — Albert Einstein

Photo by Mathew Waters on Unsplash

“Think of all the beauty still left around you and be happy” — Anne Frank

Photo by Christophe Laurenceau on Unsplash

“One touch of nature makes the whole world kin.” — William Shakespeare

Photo by Sam Hull on Unsplash

On our outing, we saw several nice locations such as Laguna Beach, Crystal Cove, and Dana Point. Sightseeing allowed me to admire some of the beauty still left in this world. Although were facing a mind-boggling pandemic and people are dying everywhere, I missed going places and doing things with others. I’m sure everyone is ready to get back to the way things used to be.

The smell of the ocean, the wind breezing through my hair, and the sound of the waves crashing to shore produce uphoria. It makes life in southern California worthwhile. What’s the point of living here if we can’t be apart of it? We pay enough to live here, that’s for sure.

That’s when I realized that there’s still plenty of space for me to go out and be at-one-with-nature. The pandemic and social distancing hasn’t entirely ruined everything. The place we’ve taken care of, preserved, built, and lived in all our lives is patiently waiting for us to evolve with the times.

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