Quarantine Buddies & Dating Apps

Pandemic Leads Us To Find Creative Ways To Have Sex

Who cares more about you than you? Why not spend more time on yourself in these stay-at-home days? Work from home, order delivery to support local business, cook as much as the grocery store will grant you the available items for the recipe, and have great sex — as much as possible.

As a single woman, I don’t know how married women do it. Is it amazing, headboard banging sex every night for you ladies? For some reason, I don’t think it is. It’s not that way for married people, gay people or anyone —  except maybe nymphos. Most people would agree that sex is sex after a while with the same person. However, this brief quarantine has caused couples to look beyond appearance to see the more magnificent beauty in their partner — especially when it’s time to get between the sheets.

Image By John Rocha From Pexels

What about those of us who don’t go a whole two weeks without seeing a nail or hairstylist? The two most important things a woman can keep up while in quarantine. For most women, it’s our culture that braids a design upon our heads. Our hair is volatile and we groom it regularly. Some of us are skillful and never visit a professional stylist, except for maybe an occasional hair cut.

Being in this quarantine, many people have learned how to DIY for the services they previously requested from small businesses. For instance, there are plenty of grown women not ashamed to go to Walgreen’s and buy basic nail polish, just so their nails attractive for their significant other. Now come on fellas! Isn’t that trying? 

Me, personally, I’m dating a guy simply for this quarantine period. Yep! You guessed it — friends with benefits. He’s my quarantine buddy! Do any other single ladies have a friend or two they call on to keep them company? I know I do and I’m not ashamed of it. While everyone is at home trying to figure out how not to kill each other, we’re having countless hours of sex that’s caused us to become more inventive.

For all my single ladies, dating apps have seen a rise in usage here lately. We’re at a millennial plateau of computer love success. Flick left if not interested and swipe right if he’s a match for you. It’s a hit or miss. Some of us are even fortunate enough to even have our own reality show objectifying our quest for love.

The quarantine has made it very difficult to date. Social media, cell phone and other computer-generated applications are our main source of social distancing communication. I heard the uprise in dating app usage information on the news, therefore, I know it must be true. My computer has been my best friend. If I’m not blogging from my laptop then I’m watching Netflix, if I’m not watching a flick then I’m working from it. That’s all I seem to do during this quarantine — oh, or I’m having sex.

Image By Cristian Dina From Pexels

Phone Sex

OMG! I almost forgot to mention phone sex. It hasn’t died, just evolved with the times. Many people are still doing it! It’s the next best thing for those who are stranded from their loved ones. I don’t know what world you live in if you’ve never had it. However, I wouldn’t recommend having any kind of sex with just anyone. It’s dangerous.

I have faith that eventually things will go back to normal. A life where we’re allowed to roam around from one destination to another freely. A world where everything is open and operating. An experience where we could meet others at a coffee shop or a restaurant for dinner after a long day. Slowly, we’ll be getting back to regularity. So we can slip out of our little love cocoons and get back into the swing of things.

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