The 4-Year-Old Author

Creative Minds Dream Big!

Ever since I first acquired a basic vocabulary, I could piece together stories with my imagination. At the curious age of four years old, creativity ruled me. If I wanted to be the bad guy during child’s play, then I was that. If I wanted to be a pretty princess, then poofI’m the Frog Princess. My thoughts were like trips to another planet. Every day was a different adventure in cartoon land. This is how I knew I was meant to be an author. It’s my job to acquire great ideas and birth them to life for others to see for themselves. Readers are supposed to see written stories in their mind’s vision. They have to be able to picture it, just the way it came to life for me, the author.

Photo by Patrick Fore on Unsplash

As a kid, I spent countless hours daydreaming of a bright future. I imagined my first day of school each year. I thought of all the different scenarios that could happen. Unfortunately, not everything has a happy ending or a compelling climax, but writing fiction means the outcome is whatever the author desires. This is why I believe it’s sometimes easier for me to write novels than it is to just live and breathe in reality. 

A wise person would label the understanding of a child rudimentary, continually pointing out their unforeseen flaws in perception. Yet, there’s something special children have inside them. Their minds are full of endless possibilities due to the unlearned. This is almost like being hopeful during the times when most would predict the inevitable. 

Photo by Ümit Yıldırım on Unsplash

The best thing about children and their imagination is that it actually can be plausible (even by a long shot sometimes). Children have their whole lives to make their ideas tangible. In other words, they have a journey ahead of them to make accomplishments. That’s the difference in children. They don’t forget to believe in what they’re able to envision. While old farts, like me, just have to write about it in books. The beauty of a creative mind is that, if you can think it, then just maybe—it’s attainable.

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