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21 Tips For Creative Writing

1.) Start the story with a hook

2.) Determine conflict and resolution before writing the plot

3.) Determine narrator/Point of View/Person (first person/I, third person/ he or she)

4.) Tense (Present, Past)

5.) Start scene late or close to action

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6.) Establish important characters and setting in less than 500 words

7.) Show actions, describe action concisely

8.) Sensory detail

9.) Start sentence clearly and end gracefully (try to end sentence with a noun)

10.) Get to know the character through thoughts and dialogue/receive pieces of information about the plot

11.) Carefully choose active verbs and potential nouns

12.) End scene early

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13.) Use metaphors, personification, similes, human expression, onomatopoeia, interjections, slang (in dialogue/italicize), chiasmus

14.) Use colors and their various shades

15.) Expand vocabulary/use different words accurately

16.) Free modifiers: presumptive, summative

17.) Carry out/follow through with character development/personality traits/tone/accent (use corks-flaws and gradual method of change)

18.) Establish physical characteristics/visual of character in the very beginning (character development, short and concise)

19.) Use tropes, think about movies, books with that trope/cliche of a basic plot. Think of how to change it in several ways (plot/snowflake method of plotting too)

20.) Determine major genre and sub genre (consider a subplot)

21.) Establish what’s important to the main character in the beginning. Let the reader know what the story will be about in the first chapter

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