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The Werk of Writing Novels

Words Brought To Life With An Author Community For all of you who want to one day write the story of your life, you’ll need to know all the werk that’s required with writing a novel. I’m using the word ‘werk’ in place of ‘work’ to encourage you that writing is supposed to be a… Continue reading The Werk of Writing Novels

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Journey To A New World With Real Characters

7 Great Novels That Will Captivate You Do you ever need a break? Or want to be swept away for a while? Glad to inform you that there is a cost-effective way for you to escape to paradise and be back home in time to start dinner. You deserve to take a journey and not… Continue reading Journey To A New World With Real Characters

Are you out of your write mind?
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Are You Out of Your Write Mind?

Microaggressions within our socialization require a few words. Some might say that I'm out of my mind to write down my personal thoughts and publish them on the internet, but I say--naaah! I want to share a few dilemmas I face in life due to race, privilege and culture. This has everything to do with… Continue reading Are You Out of Your Write Mind?