Just A Damsel In Distress

Is it the Power of “Pretty” Women Or the Goodness of Mankind?

I was just cruising along in my Charger, headed to my doctor’s appointment, when my ride suddenly brought itself to a yielding halt on the interstate. I’m telling you, I almost died! I was doing my absolute best not to panic, but I couldn’t do anything to keep up with the speed of traffic. Luckily, I could steer toward the actual exit I intended to take, and I rolled down the Red Hill Drive off-ramp.

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Photo by LOGAN WEAVER on Unsplash

By the time I reached the cross light, my steering wheel had locked, causing a tail of traffic to accumulate behind me. OMG! I quickly geared the car into neutral, slid out of it, and attempted to push it onto the cross street to get inside the gas station parking lot — but then, the light changed. Now there was oncoming traffic zipping towards me. Yikes! I immediately flew back into the car, shut the door, hit the hazard light button, and waved my hand out the window for traffic to proceed around me. Vehicles started to change lanes to avoid hitting me and I had to remember to breathe.

As an adult with life experience, I stepped out of the car again, with my phone in-hand. I placed myself on the curb and gesture for vehicles to go around my car, sitting idol between an off-ramp and the furthest right lane across the road. My ride’s just asking to get hit.

I stood on the curb using hand signals to direct traffic around my ride when a middle-aged gentleman shouted out his window, ‘You need some help?’ ‘Yes!’ I shouted, happy that a nice person was coming to my rescue. It was only a second that I went from an independent woman, able to take care of myself to a damsel in distress, stranded on the road’s side.

Before I knew it, three men pushed my Charger into the nearby Wendy’s while I managed to pull the tightened steering wheel into a designated parking space.

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Photo by sharon wright on Unsplash

I thanked the men for helping me and gave them all hugs, totally ignoring our present social distancing policy. There’s something about the warmth of touching skin that I can’t get away from. They embraced me as well for a faint moment before we parted ways. After those strangers left me and I was able to better take charge of the situation, I began to ponder . . . Would this type of kindness have happened for a man just the same? Is it because I’m a woman with long extensions in my hair, polish on my nails, and a little mascara on my eyes that I received the help of a few good men? Or is it that underneath it all, we’re all humanitarians, willing to care for one another?

It seems to me that we’re all good-natured people. Given the opportunity to safely help another person — most of us will! I like to believe in the good of others and mostly focus on that, rather than the bad. We may compete or fight with each other, but we want to be there for one another when it comes down to it. I stood at that corner, praying someone would pull over for me, and when people saw me in need, they reached out their helping hands.

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Photo by Tim Mossholder on Unsplash

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