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A Writer’s Quarantine

Now Is The Time To Create And Seek Refuge

Being an author isn’t a regular nine to five. I write to keep from saying things I shouldn’t. Writing inspires me to craft eloquent words, rather than wasting my time spewing out nasty ones. My relationship with jotting down my thoughts is like the process of refinement. In other words, writing purifies my heart and expands my mind. A writer is all about their ideas. That’s where it all starts.

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If I were to paint you a picture of a writer’s life, it would look like a striving author clickity-clack their MacBook keyboard. Writers are forever students of research and essays. A writer is like a woman full of opinions, quietly shouting them on paper. An author is a light bulb brightening the future. In the world’s eyes, we might look like robots charging in front of my computer screen or maybe drifters daydreaming about becoming famous. We could even look like slackers laid back on the couch, surfing through virtual waves.

Quite frankly, I don’t care how I appear to the world. I’m a writer. It’s my job to deliver messages in the most creative ways I can fathom . . . okay . . . okay, so I’m working on my craft.

Project Revival

All of my life, I’ve had a project in the making. As the COVID pandemic continues, I definitely find myself blogging more often. I’ve also just barely begun to brand my pin name.

Right now, sci-fi is hot. So, I’m working on a romantic urban sci-fi. I’m almost done with the first draft and I’ve typed up a query for it too. This one keeps me busy. When I’m not working on it I feel those pangs of guilt, eating at my conscience, and poking deep into my chest.

There are so many messages I have to share with the world. It’s all about being WOKE. It’s justice writing. It’s my job to point out the wrong in the world and make my audience see social circumstances differently. I plan to entertain readers with my creativity, make them laugh, and cry.

In a nutshell, I spend my time querying publishers and editors, checking my email for opportunities, and reading the latest best sellers. Recently, I discovered the Tactical 16 Publishing Company. They’d be happy to partner with me on my long, overdue novel. I’m so excited. Hopefully, everything goes well.

Resources For Writers

One of my favorite sites to hit up is The Writer Magazine dot com. It lends out so many resources. So far, I’ve used only a few of the ones I’ve read about. PitchWhiz is one of them. It’s an excellent free website that supports an author/editor relationship. What blows me away is that it’s totally free. It’s like a treasure buried in the internet ocean.

Photo by Guilherme Stecanella on Unsplash

Duotrope is another resource for writers looking to get published. Duotrope provides gathered up-to-date call for submission summaries, from a variety of noteworthy sources seeking literary material.

This very website I’m using right now — Medium! It’s the perfect tool for writers and it helps build community. I’ve read and been inspired by amazing like-minded writers on here.

WordPress seems to be the most popular, simplistic site for creating a website. I know what you’re thinking. What does that have to do with writing? Two words . . . Content Writer. WordPress is like web design for beginners, focusing mainly on filling the screen with words and images. My website is www.kbkrissy.com. Click the link and check me out. I have a new look, but I’m still working on it.

Lastly, but definitely not least, dah-dah-dahaa! Reedsy Marketplace. It’s like the creative writer’s 411 and it provides an abundance of community. Editors and writers are offered via click. This site has evolved over time and proved to be a reputable resource. It’s suitable for writing competition information too.

Feel free to reply to this blog if you know other great writer’s resources you think I should know about. Thanks for reading! Peace.

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