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The N-Word Cashed Out!

Morgan Wallen Isn’t The Only One Thinking They’re Cool

Is it realistic to believe that Morgan Wallen is racist for slurring the n-word to a non-Black friend? Sadly, he’s a typical young adult today. Let’s not act like we haven’t had a friend who boldly throws the n-word around because they think they’re a rebel. It’s common.

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One might ask, ‘what’s you’re take on it?’ and I’d have to break it down for them, kindly. Please consider that this is coming from a woman who would prefer to be called African American. If you must identify me as Black, capitalize the ‘B’ and respect my label.

No, it’s not okay for any people to use the N-word. Nobody. That’s what I think. I’m sick of people all up in the culture thinking it’s rightfully their place. How badly, I want respect in this world. I want to rise. I’m sick of Black always being the bottom. Anything black is up for grabs by outsiders. A giveaway culture. Nothing of our own. Maybe if the power structure was different. Maybe if slavery never happened, we could all move on from the word. Yet, it’s deeply embedded in our American culture.

Photo by rex-way-BDpLTEvPKV on Unsplash

The n-word has cashed out, which means that it’s earned money for its users, based on the word’s ability to trend in pop culture. A nasty word spat out much too often during my coming of age years. It’s either blasted out of a phat stereo system or flung around casually among friends. The historical word adheres to a culture born onto me. That also means that Black people haven’t participated in allowing the word to rest either.

I was born and raised in the United States — California, that is. I’ve also been to other countries, such as Finland and Spain. I’ve lived in a few other states in America too. Considering that I’ve been to a few places, I must say the fickle word’s demeanor has changed over time. Negro. Nicoletta. I’m over them all. It all has a negative connotation.

Morgan Wallen isn’t the only one. No, it’s not okay to use the n-word because you have black friends, or because you screw so many black people, you have black kids, you married a black person, think you are black, have a percent of Black in you, you’re dating someone black who told you it was okay to say, or last but not least — you’re a rapper. It’s not okay to use the n-word! I’m so ready for the day when black people aren’t the bottom people for others’ advantage. I’m ready for a new world — free of the n-word.

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