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Journey To A New World With Real Characters

7 Great Novels That Will Captivate You Do you ever need a break? Or want to be swept away for a while? Glad to inform you that there is a cost-effective way for you to escape to paradise and be back home in time to start dinner. You deserve to take a journey and not… Continue reading Journey To A New World With Real Characters

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You Like To Read My Writing?

Review My Work So far, I have a few short e-books for sale everywhere you can purchase e-books. In the process of building my fan base, I need my followers to review my writing. What do people want to read? I'm a fiction author, interested in literary fiction . . . and true crime, but… Continue reading You Like To Read My Writing?

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The N-Word Cashed Out!

Morgan Wallen Isn’t The Only One Thinking They’re Cool Is it realistic to believe that Morgan Wallen is racist for slurring the n-word to a non-Black friend? Sadly, he’s a typical young adult today. Let’s not act like we haven’t had a friend who boldly throws the n-word around because they think they’re a rebel. It’s… Continue reading The N-Word Cashed Out!