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Repost: Clubhouse On Apple Makes The App Exclusive

Social Networking Groups Are Worth The Invite For Authors

Have you heard of Clubhouse? Well if you haven’t I want to be the first one to give you a review. Right now, it’s only open to Apple users, but it’s a very noteworthy application. It’s like the party line, online. The platform consists of a moderator and an audience. The Clubhouse moderator can invite guest speakers from the audience onto the stage to add insight into the conversation. Basically, it’s a party line with a moderator controlling the opportunity to add commentary into the channels of community discussions.

Some might say this is a waste of time, but open-minded people will beg to differ. Not saying that if you don’t spend countless hours on Clubhouse your not open-mind. That wouldn’t be a true statement. I mean to say that you need to learn about Clubhouse, if not for the sake of discovery, then for the sake of knowing how valuable the advancements in technology are.

Just yesterday, I spoke with someone I’ve never met in person from Berlin. We discussed self-publishing from a business perspective. We talked about book proposals, book clubs, mentorships, hybrid publishing and marketing. We spent hours in a group talking about what is most important to us and that is writing.

If any of my readers have an apple phone or devises. I would advise you to get on Clubhouse. It’s a great outreach tool.

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