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We Deserve An April Fools’ Day

Spring Fever Unwinds Among Everyone

April Fools’ Day is only the kickoff of a playful season. The fun holiday reminds us to be lighthearted and take on the day with ease. The weather is really what’s fooling us. It’s very unpredictable and yet beautiful.

The birds and the bees take over the sky. Flowers bloom as greenery grows all around us. Trees catch the breeze and keep us from shivering while protecting us from ultra-violet sun rays. It’s the changing of temperature that invites us to begin planning for summer vacations. The skies are usually blue and the tides are only a few inches high. Thanks to the seasons, the earth grows with us every day.

A butterfly on a flower illustrates the spring season on April Fool's Day
Photo by Joshua J. Cotten on Unsplash

Is It Raining On April Fools’ Day?

I’m certain the rain is coming down if you live in the northern hemisphere. Or maybe you live in the deep south, and when too much moisture condenses in the air, a tropical rain shower comes and goes within minutes. No worries. Rain is beautiful too. April showers bring about May flowers.

The best thing nature could do for us is to cleanse us for a fresher tomorrow. The earth refreshes and rejuvenates itself just as humans do. We call it, ‘Spring Cleaning’. A cleansing that’s so necessary it has its own season. Not just inside our homes, but also within our personal lives. We get rid of toxic people and relationships we could do without.

After April Fools Day, Spring cleaning accessories
Photo by Heather Ford on Unsplash

Now that the pandemic is gradually ending, we all need a good laugh. The month starts off with pranks and brings about a sense of ease. Finally, we’re closer to a break from work and the normal routine of things. We have the opportunity to start again and meet new people while we’re out. As the weather changes, so do we. If we’re lucky enough, we may even get to have a spring fling.

Before April Fools Day during Spring Break
Photo by Jimmy Conover on Unsplash

Like all the youngsters who head to the beach to party, we all just want a Spring Break. A week that encourages us to exercise outdoors and get some Vitamin D from the sun. Women begin showing more skin, roaming about in their spaghetti straps and maxi dresses while men ride around on their bicycles wearing nothing but skin-tight biker shorts. It’s as if we all feel the need to make changes with nature. April contains only one day for practical jokes, but it’s the season that actually fools us.

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