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images-4.jpegGood Evening!!!

Sooo, I have been reading some very inspiring blogs on word press! I’m learning about blogging and very interested in what others have to share as well. If I post anything online, I’d prefer it be something good!

I’m interested in reading blogs about psychology, love, poems, short stories, inspiration, women, happiness, and relationships. You know, stuff like that! I’m interested in methods of making life better. images-6.jpeg

I teach children how to write. That’s what I do for a living. I’m always trying to inspire them and encourage them in the right direction. I go out my way, to verbally praise them when I see their talents and good efforts shining through them like bright little stars.


I started blogging so that I could promote goodness in the world. I mean to inspire people in the right way. I mean for everyone to feel my love. If I want to feel loved than I have to give love (Andy Grammer lol!). The one power that I know I have can be hard to use sometimes. Yet, I know to be good to people. We are all dealing with something. We are all familiar with stress. Being good to each other helps make life easier.


This is Truly K. Bradley

Wishing you love and happiness!


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