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Computer Love ❤️

The Perfect Valentine's Day Date in a Pandemic For many lonely lovers out there, Valentine’s Day is a day we wish would just come and go. However, this year, I made a resolution that no matter what, I was going to have the perfect Valentine’s Day. Why would I do that to myself?(someone may ask)… Continue reading Computer Love ❤️

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Light of Life

When I awake in the early morning (before work) I start the tea kettle over heat. I click on the television and turn up the news. I wash myself then come out of the bathroom for my morning tea. I always open a fresh Yogi tea packet and put the little tea bag inside my… Continue reading Light of Life

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Be Happy!

Hey TKB Fam, How've you been? I was teaching at a summer camp in Tracy when I decided to jot down a quote by Anne Frank on the whiteboard. "Think of all the beauty still left around you and be happy." I love this quote for a few reasons. First off, you should know, this… Continue reading Be Happy!

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Share The Love!

Good Evening!!! Sooo, I have been reading some very inspiring blogs on word press! I’m learning about blogging and very interested in what others have to share as well. If I post anything online, I'd prefer it be something good! I’m interested in reading blogs about psychology, love, poems, short stories, inspiration, women, happiness, and… Continue reading Share The Love!