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So far, I have a few short e-books for sale everywhere you can purchase e-books. In the process of building my fan base, I need my followers to review my writing. What do people want to read? I’m a fiction author, interested in literary fiction . . . and true crime, but that’s another story. Right now, I want to know what my followers would like to read. Feel free to comment at the bottom of this post.

In a few weeks, I have an LGBTQIA+ short story coming out to support marginalized communities. I try to be an inclusive author and I try to keep my writing up-to-date with the times. I have a blog titled 21 tips for writing short stories about writing shorthand. It makes me feel like I’m letting the cat out of the bag when I write about social issues that have hit close to home for me. I have so much to contribute to this world. I want to give my heart and soul when I write.

This past January, I wrote a short love story titled, Swans Amidst The Lake. When you have some downtime, give it a read. It may speak to your heart. It’s about two strangers from different upbringings, meeting out of the blue and falling in love.

Swans Amidst The Lake is a story love story in need of reviews. Review my writing on

I enjoy creating literature and I try to encourage others to do it too. If you always wanted to write, then by all means do it! The art of weaving together words can be like an outlet for stress. It helps with our mental health. In return, if we practice it, we might find that other people like reading our work. This usually happens when we put everything into it.

Take some time out of your day to write!

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