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Journey To A New World With Real Characters

7 Great Novels That Will Captivate You

Do you ever need a break? Or want to be swept away for a while? Glad to inform you that there is a cost-effective way for you to escape to paradise and be back home in time to start dinner. You deserve to take a journey and not work for just a few minutes at a time. Every once in a while, you can take a trip to another place right where you are. Everything around you can change, from the scenery to what’s important at the moment. Allow a talented author to carry your mind to a different world. Below is a list of must-reads to add to your repertoire.

Journey To A New World With Real Characters
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Want To Take A Romantic Journey?

1. For this beautiful, Black love story, you should curl up with some coffee or tea. Disappearing Acts is one of the greatest love stories of all time. An HBO special was created years after the book’s release. However, it did the sweet romance novel no justice. Reading these words from McMillan’s book is much better than watching the made for tv special. This is not one of those happily ever after BS kinds of stories, but rather a realistic tale.

I have a short story that I’d consider to be similar to Disappearing Acts. It’s called Swans Amidst the Lake. It’s available at Amazon and several other ebook distributors. Of course, my short story isn’t as honorary as the works of Terry McMillan. Yet, it has the same idea of finding a great love out of the blue. I remember Franklin was a construction worker getting by here and there while Zora (named after the famous author below) was a school teacher and singer. The two of them had a breathtaking love affair that encompasses the reader into their beautiful connection.

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2. The second book you must read was published in the old days by the praiseworthy author Zora Neal Hurston. You guessed it! Their Eyes Were Watching God is the novel you should read. It’s a wife’s tale about the different husbands the wife was granted since the day her grandmother coaxed her into her first marriage. Hurston depicts Janie Crawford’s life as a beautiful light-skinned, long-haired African American woman. Janie lives three different lives through her marriages. She is given to a man, stolen by another and blessed to stay with her last until the day she buried him in his grave. Janie Crawford is a strong woman from a small country town worth admiring. You’ll love the characters and become engrossed in an earlier time when life was simpler–but complicated.

Journey Back In Time

3. Things Fall Apart by Chinua Achebe is a wonderful piece of historical fiction that transferred me into a pre-colonial African village back in the late 1800s. This great literary work is book one of a trilogy. Achebe facilitates our view of the world through the eyes of Okonkwo, an Igbo warrior of Umofia. You will learn about the Igbo people’s sacred rituals, customs and way of life. You will begin to understand how a proud African village can become a dystopia. This classic masterpiece is an experience verse just a read.

Journey To A New Word With Real Characters
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Swept Into An Urban Fiction World

4. If you like gritty urban tales, then the late, great Donald Goines has the perfect story for you. Dopefiend is one of my favorites because it depicts a young couple with matching names, Teddy and Terry. This story starts when Teddy introduces his girlfriend Terry to a drug dealer because he has a small piety habit. The more they’re involved with this drug house, the more their lives sink down the rabbit hole of addiction. Although the author wrote about an earlier time period, Dopefiends is still contemporary considering its relevance to present-day heroin addicts. Goines’ work was also inspired by his own addiction period and the work of the late Iceberg Slim.

5. Many have heard of Sister Souljah’s novel, The Coldest Winter Ever. Now I must say, I’ve heard the worst and the best about this novel, but if you love anything about urban black culture please read this literary work of art. Winter Santiago is a street save, wealthy, hood princess. When her drug lord father is sent to prison all of Winter’s street smarts are put to the test. She has to walk it like she talks it– for her own survival. Despite how gritty this narrative is, I’d say it’s a must-read for young adults in their late teens. It’s a good example of how life can turn out for a smart-aleck youngster in the streets.

Journey To A New World With Real Characters
Image by Łukasz Siwy from Pixabay

6. Urban fiction has always been one of my favorite genres. So if you enjoy these types of reads, I know another one similar to The Coldest Winter Ever. This fable also illustrates the drug epidemic and what became of it. It’s titled, White Lines by Tracy Brown. What do you think the white lines are? I’ll be careful not to spoil it for you. The novel is a coming-of-age novel portraying a young woman named Jada and a man nicknamed Born. The love they share takes the reader along a journey with them. Unfortunately for Born, he isn’t Jada’s first love.

7. My latest favorite novel that I know you’ll love too is titled Queenie by Candice Carty-Williams. This narrative is about a twenty-something-year-old black woman named Queenie, living in Brixton, England. The story is an interracial, multicultural phenomenon throughout every page. Queenie is profound! One of the most memorable lines from the novel is when a male family member or friend tells Queenie to stop talking like a white girl. That was something I heard most of my life from the black community. Therefore, I could completely relate to her. Carty-Williams illustrates Queenie’s life as a black woman, who only dates white men, in a racially divided society. Everyone should read Queenie, especially considering the racial climate of today’s world.

I hope you’ll find the time to read these great books (if you haven’t already). They’re perfect for when you need to take a mental journey while on your lunch break at work. If you enjoyed this post or the novels I’ve suggested, tap the LIKE and FOLLOW MEEEEEE! 😘

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