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Just Breathe: Guided Imagery Meditation

Hello friends,images-22

How’s your day going? I hope it’s well! You know, that’s what life’s all about—living, loving and being happy! Today, I’d love to do a guided imagery meditation with you. Have you ever done this before? I know it’s kind of different, but I would suggest do this with someone you love, a friend or someone you trust.

images-20This is supposed to help you relax and produce good energy. Allow me to guide you through this meditation. You ready? Here goes . .




Get into a quiet space. Turn off the background noise if you can and breathe with me. Inhale through your nose, hold it for one second and then slowly and abundantly let it out.  Stretch, yawn, message your temples, if you desire. Just get comfortable.


Unknown-1Now try it once more sitting back in your seat, on the couch or in whatever position feels most natural to you . . . Reee-lax . . . Now tell yourself these things: “Everything is going to be okay. Everyday is another day and no matter what life throws my way, I got this!





Now imagine this with me for a moment . . .

You have accomplished everything you need to accomplish with your career, you’ve made a lot of progress and you’re taking your loved one or family and friends on a nice vacation to show for it.

You feel great!


Maybe that’s not your life. How about . . . you’ve just graduated from college, fell in love, received a promotion at work, birthed a child, received a marriage proposal or maybe you just made a smart business investment.

Either way, it’s a new beginning!

Think of all the goodness in your life and let’s celebrate that!

No drugs or alcohol necessary.

You can still feel that good feeling!


Let’s get away for a minute . . .


I want to take you on a getaway in your mind.

I want to show you how to put your worries behind you . . .

It’s the dawn of a new day!


Imagine you’re in your favorite place . . .

A place that is sacred . . . a place that means everything to you.

Maybe it looks like a vacation place in the tropics . . . Yeah, picture that!


You’re there with your friends and family, all your loved ones.

It’s all good!

You’re having so much fun! Everyone has a story to tell, you’re getting to know more and more. They keep you entertained. You’re laughing with your people, their silliness and bad mouths.

You feel the love in the atmosphere.

Everything is apple pie in the sky.


Think about a time when your loved ones were proud of you . . .

How did it feel? 

Think of a time when you felt great and you were surrounded by people who love you. You felt cared for, appreciated and valued.

How do you feel in the moment?

Now, as we end this exercise, I’d like you to take that good feeling with you and remember it.

No matter what this world brings your way know that the good feeling still exist in reality (even when you’re not experiencing it, someone else some place else may be). You will experience goodness again too, outside of meditation.

I believe we have to get through the hard things with a positive mind, always wanting to do good.

Let’s celebrate our lives with the ones we love who love us back.

Benefits of Guided Imagery Meditation

  • images-22Stress Relief
  • Mind Body and Soul connection
  • Controls Heart Rate (Breathing)
  • Promotes Relaxation
  • Encourages Imagination
  • Positive Thought/ Empowerment



According to Allina Health Organization, guided imagery is a powerful self-awareness tool. Through guided imagery you can learn to use your imagination to “create the state you want,” meaning that you can actually change how you are feeling by changing your focus. Click the link below to go to the website, if you desire.

Well, that’s all for now folks! ‘Till next time, love yourself and others!


This is Truly K. Bradley signing out!









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