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Light of Life

When I awake in the early morning (before work) I start the tea kettle over heat. I click on the television and turn up the news. I wash myself then come out of the bathroom for my morning tea.


I always open a fresh Yogi tea packet and put the little tea bag inside my favorite olive green coffee mug. My eyes always read the paper proverbs stabled to the twirling string of the tea bag (similar to the ones inside chinese fortune cookies). On this one particular morning, my tea bag proverb read:

images-1.jpegKindness is the light of life.


I love stuff like this!

I just had to blog about it because it was positive!

Have you ever had an experience where someone was kind, generous, or loving towards you and it brightened up your whole world? Take the time to think about it. Did it make you feel loved, validated or did their kindness help you see the goodness in your own life? Isn’t that a good enough reason to be kind to yourself and others?IMG_1507

When life gets hard we should always remember to be kind first to ourselves and then to others.

This is Truly K. Bradley

Signing out! ✌🏾

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